Constructive News e.V.

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Welcome to Constructive News e.V.

Constructive News e.V. is a small, non-profit association based in Berlin. The association was founded in October 2019, with the goal of making new, sustainable solutions to societal challenges more visible and accessible, and to spread knowledge about opportunities, new solutions to global challenges and societal achievements.

Our main digital project is Squirrel News, a curated, digital news service through which create a better access to solutions-focused news in both German and international media. We also organise public events on a regular basis.

Constructive News e. V. is based in Berlin, is recognised by the tax office as a non-profit organisation, and is registered in the Vereinsregister at the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg under file number VR 37904 B. The chairman of the association is Jonathan Widder.